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5 functions

``LFOG GRIP SOCKS PRO'' was created to improve the performance of athletes, and was created based on feedback from various athletes. It is designed not only to provide good grip, but also to protect athletes from fatigue and injuries that occur during competition, allowing them to perform at a high level.

Tabi type structure

To form the arch of the sole of the foot,
LFOG uses a "tabi-shaped structure".

You will be able to maintain the correct center of gravity, and you can expect the following effects.
1. Stabilize your posture
2. More power can be transmitted from the soles of the feet to the ground
3. The arch of the foot absorbs shock.

These three are extremely important, especially in competitions that emphasize cutbacks and step work, which require smooth movements.

Rubber structure that captures force

By using the three points of the ball of the foot, the ball of the foot, and the heel as fulcrums, power is firmly transmitted to the sole of the foot.

The arch structure of the tabi has three fulcrums, and the rubber is firmly attached to each fulcrum.

1. Due to the Y-shaped rubber structure, the fulcrum fits into the space between Y and Y, and there is no displacement in the front, back, left, or right directions.
2. V-shaped rubber on the fingertips and arch of the foot fits the fingers when stepping down, reducing deviations in front and back movements.

360 degrees, it can smoothly respond to starting and turning back.

Ankle hold processing

Rapid movements put a lot of strain on your ankles.

Ankle hold processing is used, so you can expect a support effect similar to wrapping tape around the ankle.

This reduces the burden on the ankles caused by sudden turns due to the grip, and provides stability during competitions.

high compression

Appropriate compression is applied to prevent wasted muscle movement, shaking, and force dispersion, and the following effects can be expected.

1. Fits well and feels like bare feet
2. You won't notice it even if you wear it for a long time
3. No slipping of socks during competition

Sole cushion processing

A cushion is placed on the arch of the foot to reduce impact.
As a result, you can expect the following effects.

1. Absorbs the shock when landing from a jump etc.
2.Supports the formation of arches in the soles of the feet, allowing you to repeatedly jump more strongly and maintain body balance.